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"NBA 2K10" My player - do not modify the top center of the achievements are not delegated

BS from the subject not to modify the public, everyone has their own play, my heart just sank to those who are willing to seriously understand 2K10 career mode brings some suggestions. I also use GM modified the simulation time, because the data section took 5min and 12min a computer data and Commander ... I have not the ability to present my character in the Denver Nuggets, playing coach arrangement is 36 minutes, Nene 10 minutes, the birds were 2 minutes (the poor people to continue with the birds, who told you it was arranged to play C), in addition to the first and the first two NBA summer league regular season (too little playing time) outside the field of field A +.

Since I was playing center, it only describes the growth of road center, other locations may also be used in some areas. BS, that is entered.


Said first defense is that victory to build on the defensive, but abandoned this stereotype, more fundamental reason is often to serve as center, with its slow, in many cases are within the 3-point line just Daoqian Chang PG had already started to call tactics, and apparently our poor C can only be separated from outside the system, in the early playing time limited not get an opportunity to show. Therefore, how to find a balance between defense and attack is very important. Low capacity in the case of people, we must rely on the following defensive strategy stresses.

1. Marking

Career Mode "reasonable value" (determined upper left corner of A, B, C, etc. The numerical rating) must have no need for me to say. Among them "your opponents strong position to rebound," "your opponent on the bit," and so highly targeted determinant.

First of all, to keep up on the players, press and hold the marking key moments and supported by rocker to move. Remember not to have been in the other half stay on the players too far from the point system. For example, if the opponent is Tim Duncan, Bosh such players, they will be in low-ball singles, this time to hold the marking key, and carefully observe the actions of his leave, not cheated off. Residual brain known 2K10 teammates to defend desperately to low exposed outside the 3-gap, which requires the skills to deal with the following:

First of all, and their transition defense team power forward, to relief of the other PF. If the other ball to his teammates to come to PF Singles and double-teamed, to prevent outside immediately to fill vacancies at this time will not be handed over to each other inside the ball but will continue to further the external conduction, go back inside once marking; if the other party C and expose the ball to the gap, they have to quickly go to outer space to defend, even if the other party to the PF within C within the mass can be beaten - not only did not buckle their reasonable value, not to each other succeed 3 points considered two options, whichever is the practice of light, because residual brain can not solve the current problems teammates double-teamed.

2. Defend

A successful joint defense (opponents shooting range in the key by blocks), even if only interfere with a reasonable value will increase, so the right to defend essential. If the opponents that the line under screens, not to talk to, fixed in place - if the opponent suddenly come back, do not follow up on the center position, it should immediately go to defend, there is a high probability of cap (cap is a plus ); If the defender against Fang Zhongfeng break up, do not go to defend guards, as if to pass on players to succeed, but one vote to penalty points. At this point prefer to let each other do not let their guard points deduction a reasonable value, in the United States worked hard to be selfish or mainly ah ~

In addition, building an offensive foul is a plus tool, but fast-break pass the computer 2K10 very sharp and can cause very low, so this should be predestined not explained.

3. Defensive rebounds and counterattack

Nature is a plus rebounds a successful niche that (hold down the other shot after marking key) is also a plus one of the elements, even if the other goal is to add points, so the pie must be discarded.

I have been using a proprietary model that career perspective, personal feel for the rebound of the judge is very helpful, very suitable for inside players. Before rebounding to note cards place, this time across the restricted area will be in the cards mate PF position, if found to bomb the ball to the opposite opinions on not pursued, and this not only gave up an extra card bit it can not get rebounds.

If you happen not when the other shot inside card bit, then do not go inside, quickly run to the other half. If the ball does not have the opportunity to play into the counter, not only fast-break dunk high score, and enters the TV playback is a plus; If the ball into, do not enter each other's 3 seconds area, and to return to the other players do not focus on prevention ( individuals generally have 2 or so) of regional tension, once the ball to his teammates the ball immediately PG (this time the ball will not be sentenced to the "wrong the ball"), slide the bottom line (not by acceleration) and scratching into the layup (I use This method I do not know how many points ... basically took another pie).

4. Defensive counter-attack each other

Once steals one's own or shot does not enter, will be on the counter, and quite counter-2K10 computer experience, their defense has to be said. The other two-or three defensive line is to stand fast attack first place, must not stand in a reasonable area of the arc collision, because the computer will not be so stupid as to rush you go.

If the two-lane fast break, the players will catch the ball outside his teammates team, this time you should be in a small arc of the other side of the station is good, this time to empty if the other side is an offensive foul; if the other perimeter players to choose their own, you are have adequate opportunity to defend blocks, but not too early to defend.

If fast-break three-line, that the above situation will be passed to third place after the other players. Under such circumstances, do not want to create an offensive foul, but rather to stand within a reasonable collision zone of interference, such other party will terminate the fast attack, to attack positions.


At this point you move on to look a big title "defense" following those remarks. After reading the What? Our offense is starting from such circumstances.

1. Shun under

Nash and Stoudemire Suns classic tactics can be described as time-tested, to become a top center, it is necessary to study ~

Suppose 1: Our C is the other half of the last one to arrive at this time has not yet begun Call PG tactics. To immediately go to the PG to be a Trying (crotch dribble button) if your PG has successfully used under screens around the defender, even if no breakthrough is successful there will be bonus points. Trying to bypass the other party immediately after the completion of two defensive players in the middle and to run the ball low, then 90% chance that no one defending you.

Assumption 2: PG has begun Call tactics. Under normal circumstances there is no off position when the center when the PF and SF will be in the low position, this time to stand high 3-point line waiting for the opportunity the arc, once the PG to the ball, not the other side cut into the restricted area immediately double-teamed and it's central, standing in the basket to the ball (if the other side began to double-team and the players do not want to be on the basket ball, the ball will be sentenced to unreasonable). This approach almost any tactic to achieve, will not let his teammates left the limited shots (good for evil, but no way to survive ah).

2. Fast break with a pass

In general, the fast break in the traditional sense we do not always thinking about the center, and if you happen to fast break in high waiting time, can refer to the previous mentioned, "defensive rebounds and counter" inside approach.

Here to talk about the fast break for a pass key. After getting rebounds or steals, dribbling to the attack itself is unrealistic, watching teammates run fast can hold a candle to the. However, as O'Neal arrived in Phoenix, put it: "I can fast break is a mass of." O'Neill waved his hand in reality the Suns backcourt will fly under the cooking too fast break like a cut melon, and In fact this case it actually does not work in 2K10. 2K10 pass system in an overreaction to a long pass into a wishful thinking, so do not wait for the sake of assists while teammate in the top 3-point line within the re-transmission, because the chances are steals too high, the price is also very expensive - Once the errors, sometimes directly to the General Comments down half a grade (eg A + to A)!

3. Offensive rebounds and second attack

ReheaterTubes Explosion buckle caught the hand of offensive rebounds, but splashed a plus, but not so easy to achieve.

First, place cards, once they have been allowed to shoot double-team pass the ball to his teammates, who would immediately bypass the defensive front, quick access to 3 seconds area. Circuit judge in accordance to the ball better place card place card point of view (with the defensive line in the Card-bit keys). Do not rush to attack after winning rebounds, and do not zone out of 3 seconds, so after two false moves layups. As the anti-interference ability and in situ pre-dunk shot capacity is inadequate, so the second attack must not be anxious, or hit rate of only 30% of normal.

If the restricted my wife too much, do not force shots, so that was sentenced to "not appropriate shot selection," and points, then passed to teammates outside of vacancies is the better choice. If inadvertently passed to the non-open player, not to stay in the 3 seconds in the region, seize the time to place around them in preparation for the next attack. Our aim is: to prevent more than teammate shot a ~ (except assists the opportunity, because sometimes the computer's shot selection was not a good teammate, offensive waste of opportunity and our own playing time!).

4. Low singles and assists

Many people may wonder why these two and the content will be placed in an unrelated write.

In fact, in the early, low singles are the worst offensive option will not only double-team experience, ability, such as low vacancy rates that we are not sure. If this game assists the task goal to brush with a low number of assists singles is a good choice.

2K10 mentioned in the computer brain disabled at all places, regardless of indiscriminately inside double teams to place players, whether you are a Kevin Garnett or Yi Jianlian (green arrow Honey Do not spray). Therefore, the game early as possible, as I said earlier, that means several offensive attack. Late in the race to become our main scoring almost double teams for a ball will be in trouble, this time is to brush assists in the moment. The details did not say, as long as double, outside will be a chance. Under normal circumstances and the center of Distance and hope that the SG, if SG3 points is very good, pass it safely, little space 3 is not advanced.

There is another method assists, but considering we do not need a lot of assists, so easy to talk about like. This method is applicable to any position players. In the three point line to the ball, the ball in the side after the SG or SF passing behind, go to the side of the bottom line. At this point the party SF / SG will be cut to the inside air, mass of the will into that simple.

5. Other attack methods

In the early jump shot, do not mention, unless you want to Nerishige Nowitzki or Okur, plus point of this is their preference. Some games will require screening for example, "completed at least six jumpers" such tasks, are also very simple, when the light in front of defense, "defensive rebounds and the counter" in the Scarlet Letter approach, running Daoqian Chang, stopped outside the district in 3 seconds garden jumper, hit rate is still possible. And this task is to make a jump shot action as long as you can, whether or not to enter into the task can be completed.


1. Plus point

Many people see the forum, said the election team in question, and few people to discuss additional points. First of all, the first statement, although the defensive and offensive awareness plus a great impact on the General Comments, but my feeling is that if you are not handy with the characters, playing the beautiful game then the General Comments no longer high and no team would pick you. In fact, highly arbitrary center plus point, I only said a few of the more important, or call must be added, of course, is for reference only.

Rate (it costs points, in early do not need more), before rebounding, field interference, bouncing, free throws (no free throws in the game inside will eat a great loss, but do not add too much).

Do not add dunk (too cost point, it would not be able to dunk the basket, like a living), physical (needs to be emphasized is that in addition to dunk when I almost did not press too accelerated consumption of every game are not very physical), etc. .

2. Select Team

Here's election team is a summer league after 6 games to 5 games training camp, because our goal is to go is to stay, rather than NBDL, see the forum, many of my friends struggling in the D league, which is I wrote one of the original intention of this article.

Some people go to which teams can play in the discussion of the main force, and which teams have no chance. This is indeed one of the factors to be considered, but not absolute.鎺橀噾涓攱瀹炲姏搴旇璇撮兘涓嶉敊锛岃缁冭惀閲岃繕鍖呭惈浜嗗厠閲屾柉绫冲鍜屼竴涓彨闇嶅崕寰风殑鐭儢瀛愶紝浣嗘垜渚濇棫鑳藉鎴愬姛涓婂哺銆傜珵浜夊鎵嬫槸璋佷笉閲嶈锛岄噸瑕佺殑鏄嚜宸辩殑琛ㄧ幇銆?br />


銆??杩欑瘒鏂囩珷鐨勪腑蹇冨氨鏄浣曞湪鍒濇湡鏈夐檺鐨勪笂鍦烘椂闂撮噷鑾峰緱涓汉鍒╃泭鐨勬渶澶у寲锛屽湪婵?儓鐨勭珵浜変腑鑴遍鑰屽嚭銆傝繖浜涢兘涓嶇畻鏄疊ug锛岃?鏄竴浜涘疄鐢ㄦ妧宸э紝甯屾湜杩欑瘒娲嬫磱娲掓磼鐨勬枃瀛楄兘瀵逛綘鐨凬BA寰佺▼鏈夋墍甯姪銆傜澶у娓告垙鎰夊揩銆?br />


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