Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come together 3DMeNow! (1)

Cult3D Web 3D technology with its powerful 3D capabilities attracted many fans, the relevant works are also springing up one after another emerged. But a good Cult3D entries must be a good 3D drawing capabilities. This has not learned some of our 3D graphics and 3D mapping of the lovers is undoubtedly a major obstacle. Now I will introduce these fans with a display effect and function Cult3D fool software - 3DMeNow.

3DMeNow and Cutld3D Cycore the same company's products, require the same plug-ins to view. Its main function as its name - is the use of two portraits of the picture (a positive one on the right side) generated 3D stereo picture with voice. With it we can not so much modeling can be easy to create 3D picture themselves or friends. How, Heart of it! Come, let us feel it's a fool once the power it!

First, we have to weigh whether associated with the love machine. Minimum configuration: Pentium II350, memory 48MB, support high-color graphics (16bit and above). Standard configuration: Pentium III500 or higher, RAM 128MB, support for OpenGL 3D graphics with 16MB video memory. These should not disturb us now, even the Pentium 4 and also 1000 Geforce3 about it! OK, now we drive the cat access to it please come back (! There is no free lunch, however, you must first fill in an application form to obtain the registration code, otherwise it will not let you download the life and death, even if you can from other related sites ( web3d/web3d.asp? web3d = c3d) download will come back after you install, not take. So you still obediently fill in the actual data it!

Then, after a long cat named after (I really envy broadband users), and finally downloaded and got a License. Installation, operation, Oh, also Zhengou fool! See at a seven to eight percent!

3DMeNow the default window has four: Fornt - positive contour processing window; Right Profile - Profile for dealing with the right side of the window; Preview - preview of 3D imaging of the window; Model Wizard - gives tips and commands related window. Our next work will be completed in the four windows.
The first step, press Ctrl + N new one 3DMeNow file, and then click Continue New Model Wizard window appears, click Fornt Imange selection window pop-up window select a large picture his handsome picture, and then click Side Image window of the selected the right side of the same handsome picture picture (note the best use of the same series of photographs, to ensure consistent and adequate light, or there will be connecting fault).

Selected and press OK key, a basic 3D picture will appear in the preview windows.

At this time we can see this 3D picture is not real pretty strange. Do not worry, we enter into the second step - a rough machining. First in the Front and Right Profile window and the window adjusted the general outline,

After moving, click the Model Wizard window Goto Feature Mode command line.

Then we can see the window in the Front and Right Profile windows are more facial contours,

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