Sunday, October 24, 2010

Young dart Sony lane two camps on the Blue-ray with confidence

August 23 News, Sony and Toshiba, as unable to reach a consensus on unified DVD standard has been prepared to develop their own incompatible DVD standard.

Hong Kong and Taiwan media reports, the two sides parted dart, which means the future consumers will be forced to choose between the two specifications, just like old VHS and Betamax video tape the same size are not compatible.

Toshiba said that at present, and Sony is still in negotiations, but the delay failed to reach agreement, forcing the company to start the HD DVD's manufacturing production.

Toshiba spokesman said that Toshiba "plans to launch HDDVD end product, so before the end of this month to proceed with the relevant software manufacturer." He said: "We have not set a timetable on the negotiations, but the two sides failed to reach any substantive agreement . "

Sony spokesman stressed that any future opportunities, will consult again, but he was confident of that future Sony's Blue-ray disc will be the "single standard."

New generation of DVD, will have a theater-like visual effects, while opening the possibility of interactive entertainment.

After three years of a long battle, Sony and Toshiba in April this year, agreed to consult on the standard rules in order to avoid their products incompatible regret.

Sony's Blue-ray disc is expected to have better storage capabilities, but prices are more expensive because of its current DVD specifications and very different.

Thomson of France, including some electronics companies have said their products will support both HD DVD and Blue-ray disc specifications.

Currently support Blue-ray technology include Apple Computer, Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard (HP) Computer and Samsung Electronics.

Hollywood group, Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment to support Blue-ray technology, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Pictures will support HD DVD.

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